Copyright 2019 | Dale Fowers for Hooper City Mayor



Growth is a challenge facing many Utah cities--”this is the place”--and we’re part of one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. Hooper will continue to grow but should grow thoughtfully with careful consideration of the current and future residents. Part of putting Hooper first is putting the residents of Hooper first. 


While the current general plan is an improvement over the prior plan, it is almost five years old. It has served its purpose. I would recommend opening the general plan for review. We would have open forums where the residents of Hooper can submit opinions and discuss how the general plan can accommodate and enhance the lives of the diverse people who live here. 


The city staff can then update zoning and building ordinances to follow the general plan and developers and builders will be required to comply to the zoning and building ordinances.  


Hooper City, Hooper Irrigation, and the Hooper Water District can and should work together to check and balance each other and form an alliance to ensure Hooper’s natural and man-made resources are not compromised. 

Changes in Land Use

For example, a change in land use occurs when a piece of land is developed next to an existing farm. First and foremost, this requires patience and understanding on both sides of the fence. The family living in the new home and the farmer are equally valued in our community. Most of the differences I have seen arise could be resolved by following good building and zoning ordinances.

Affordable Housing

Hooper is a great place to live and a community in high demand. There isn’t a large supply of towns like Hooper anymore. Basic economics says when there is a large demand and small supply, prices go up. However, in order to comply with state laws, Hooper must have a certain percentage of affordable housing. 


There are some things we can do at the local government level, and as a community, to ensure new and returning families have the opportunity to put down roots in Hooper. 


I don’t support zoning laws that encourage areas of cities to become defined by classes (e.g. affordable/low-income housing). 


I do support zoning and building ordinances that allow residents to have rental properties (e.g. mother-in-law apartments, rental homes, duplexes that don’t make up entire developments). This disburses affordable housing throughout the community. I have personally seen how strong neighborhoods can positively impact young families.

Recreation Programs

I strongly support wholesome recreation. I enjoyed sports recreation programs while growing up and have watched my children and grandchildren benefit from recreation programs. 


Today, Hooper doesn’t have enough kids in recreation programs to fill leagues and financially support the program. Hooper does have excellent parks and fields. I recommend we continue to partner with neighboring communities for recreation programs. We can provide parks and fields and they can provide kids. As Hooper grows, there may come a time when we can support our own recreation program. 


I’m also interested in expanding our recreational facilities to provide more opportunities for recreation.

Other Priorities

Do you have a priority that isn’t listed here? Please contact me. I would love to discuss it with you.